Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My cast for an Expendables movie

As the summer draws to a close, we find ourselves waiting for one more movie to arrive, The Expendables 2, starring some of the biggest names in action from Norris to Willis. Even though I found the first one a little underwhelming, I have to admit I'm pretty hyped for this one. I was pretty excited to see that Arnold and Bruce Willis were going to be in it more and that they managed to get Chuck Norris to appear. And then I got to thinking "Who would I want to see star in a kick ass action movie?" And here is a list of people that I would cast for a badass action movie, and why I would cast them.

  • Gerard Butler- has done some pretty solid work in films like Rockn'Rolla and 300, I think he would be awesome as some former SAS or MI6 operative
  • Tom Hardy- After seeing him as the wisecracking Eames in Inception, I would have thought that he would have been considered for this kind of movie already
  • Robert Downey Jr.- He's already been Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Something like this doesn't seem that far off
  • Liam Neeson- Two words: Liam. Neeson.
  • Christian Bale- I think it would be awesome if they had a scene where he and RDJ fight side by side, sort of make a joke about how an Avenger and a member of the Justice League are teaming up
  • Harrison Ford- Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard, what more do you need?
  • Ray Liotta- If you watch films like Goodfellas or Observe and Report, you know he can play tough guys, and I think he is seriously underrated.
  • Val Kilmer- I think Doc Holliday needs one more good action movie. I have one friend that will read this and say that MaGruber fit the bill, but it didn't. Plain and simple. Also, people could joke about how 2 of the actors to play Batman are on screen together
  • Denzel Washington- Training Day, Man on Fire, Book of Eli. On to the next one
  • Jeremy Renner- has been great in movies like The Town and The Hurt Locker, I think he could do some great work here.
  • Russell Crowe- Has appeared in movies such as Gladiator, American Gangster, 310 to Yuma and Body of Lies. However, being in Les Miserables may harm that reputation a tad bit, but I digress.
  • Michael Biehn- Again, another person who I think is severely underrated
So yeah, those are the people I would want to be in my action movie. Now that I think about it, this type of cast wouldn't be suited for a movie about mercenaries. A cast like the one I have assembled here would be more well suited for something like a spy or a heist movie.

Runners up:
Sam Worthington
Samuel L Jackson
The Rock
Colin Farrell
Hugh Jackman
Will Smith