Saturday, February 4, 2012


I just finished doing 2 things: watching Drive and writing my final will and testament. Why did I write my will you may ask? Because after people see what I'm about to write, I don't expect to live much longer. Having said that, let's move on.

So when I made my list of favorite movies of last year, people kept telling me that I forgot to include Drive. Truth be told, I didn't forget it. The reason being that I just hadn't gotten around to seeing it yet. And in between the time that I wrote that and saw this, people told me a number of things. One of them being that I would love it because it's right up my alley. So I finally watched it and I have to say that my final opinion of the movie is as follows:


That's it. Meh. Nothing about it really wowed me the way everybody else was. I keep getting the feeling that the screenwriter of this movie wrote it after watching Memento and No Country for Old Men back to back. And I really liked both of those movies.  I've heard that this movie has kind of a cult following, which I can see, but there is one group of people that I can really see loving this movie: Arthouse loving hipsters. Being that neither art house movies nor hipsterism is my thing, I didn't really get into this movie. Though I guess that the whole world became overrun by arthouse hipsters because a shit load of people told me to see this. Oh well. Do I regret buying it? No... Because I bought it for less than twenty bucks using loose change that I found around my room. Believe it or not, I actually found around thirty dollars worth of loose change around my room.

I guess this is another one of those instances where I didn't get into a movie that everybody else liked. Though, I don't dislike this movie to the degree that I distaste Titanic or Avatar.

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  1. And I guess this is why you are (fanfare please) THE MOVIE PRICK