Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rock of Ages

Okay, this one is almost a month late, and for that, I sincerely and most unhumbly apologize. What I can say about this movie is that I have some mixed feelings about this movie, but I am more leaning to the side of "Buy this on Blu-Ray". For the most part, I liked this movie, though I take issues with it, but we can get to that later. What did I like about Rock of Ages? For one thing, this is a musical that is featuring my favorite kind of music: 80's rock n' roll, which means that is was a safe bet that I will be singing along to most of the songs (the soundtrack includes songs from Journey, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Bon Jovi) and it turns out that they were actually pretty kickass. The other thing that I liked about this movie were the characters played by Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise especially, because I am not the biggest Tom Cruise fan, but he does manage to impress my once in a while, this movie being one of those rarities. In this movie, he plays a rock god that is getting kind of fed up with the life he has and you can tell that he wants something more out of it. He is also pretty batshit crazy. In fact, I'm not even sure Tom knew he was being filmed, I think TMZ just followed him around for a week, and then the director stole the footage that they had on him and put it in the movie. So what didn't I like about this movie?  Well, I thought that the plot was pretty corny and cliche'd, but this is a musical so I didn't really expect more. And while I did like the music that was in it, I was not a huge fan of the voices that were singing them. They sounded alright, but the problem that I had was that they sounded very modern. When I hear 80's rock, I want to hear it being sung by Jon Bon Jovi or Klaus Meine, not somebody who sounds like Britney Spears or one of the Jonas Brothers. Thats more of a personal gripe than anything else. The other thing that bothered me about this movie is that it is starring Tom Cruise and he is NOT running away from something. That is horse shit.

Final Grade: B

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