Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Believe it or not, I have quite a few mixed feelings about this movie. I despise it, don't get me wrong, but when I actually watch it, I always go through the same cycle of emotions: Start out with hopeful, like this movie could be good. I see the opening fight, and I get optimistic. We witness the infamous fridge scene, I slap myself to see if I'm dreaming because that was really stupid. The rest of the movie goes on, I get a bit more optimistic, and then the aliens show up and I blow my brains out.

That's pretty much a summary of what I go through every time this movie is on TV. When I actually think about it, the movie as a whole isn't that bad, it has the same tone, the same feel and even the same music as the other three movies, but there is just one thing that causes me to check out of this movie every time, and it ain't Shia LaBeouf. To be honest with you people, I don't have that big of a problem with Shia. Sure, he was annoying in the Transformers movies, but then again, so was everyone, even Jesus. And here, he was actually a pretty good choice to play the young supporting character. And the thing that bothered me wasn't the fridge scene either. Sure, that scene was beyond ludicrous, but if it weren't for this one thing, I would be able to forgive that.

The thing that really turns me off to this movie is this: aliens... Sorry, inter-dimensional beings, or whatever the hell John Hurt calls them at the end. The idea of throwing sci-fi into this when all the other movies were well... not science fiction is just a turn off for me. Now I do understand that aliens and religious artifacts fall under the same category (labeled "Things we may never fully understand and shouldn't screw around with"), but in terms of a film genre, they are on completely different ends of the spectrum, and throwing them together without any sort of warning is just risky and all around unwise. The other thing that bugs me about this twist is that they try to call them "inter-dimensional beings". Not entirely sure what that means, I'm guessing they can travel between dimensions, or whatever, but here's the thing: You may not call them aliens, but they look like traditional aliens, crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico, have mind powers like a lot of aliens do, and flew away in a FUCKING UFO!!! You may not call them aliens, but they sure do fit the fucking bill!

Other than that elephant in the room, the movie as a whole is not that bad. Sure there are scenes like the fridge and the monkey swinging scene that are pretty ridiculous but aren't all that bad. The other movies had some scenes that required us to suspend our disbelief for a short while, and these scenes weren't all that different. And this will come as a shock to nobody, but the aliens idea was George Lucas's idea. And apparently, he was the only one who wanted it to happen. Short reminder here, this was the guy who thought audiences would find Jar-Jar hilarious. Spielberg knew the idea was BS and even fought it off as long as he could, arguing that people wouldn't go for it and that he was through with making alien movies. But George insisted that this must be made and... well, the rest is history. Lucas is now credited with almost ruining two of his own brainchildren. Can we just all agree that George Lucas is the enemy of the human race?

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