Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Rumors: My Personal Favorites

With The Dark Knight Rises being only a day away now, I thought we might take some time to look at the rumors surrounding this movie. Which ones are the best, which ones are the worst, and which ones just don't seem to die no matter the insurmountable evidence to the contrary.

1. Johnny Depp as The Riddler- I actually only heard this one a few weeks after The Dark Knight was released in theaters. Being that we were all taken aback by how epic and deep The Dark Knight was, we were all wondering what Nolan's next move would be for the franchise. Most of us geeks thought that he would for sure be doing Edward Nigma (aka Riddler) for the next villain. After all, that did seem the most reasonable. Next to Joker, Riddler is the most identifiable of the supervillains to those who are not familiar with the Caped Crusader. And when it was rumored that not only would Riddler be showing up, but be played by Johnny Depp, I was hyped. Not only would one of my favorite villains from the animated series be showing up, but he would be played by one of my favorite actors. Before I saw Heath Ledger's performance, I had kept saying that Johnny Depp should have been cast as Joker, I mean he certainly has the eccentricity and weirdness of the character down, the rest would be cake for him. When it was confirmed that neither Depp nor Riddler would be showing up, I was bummed. However, Depp was not the only person who was rumored to play the character. Other big time names like Eddie Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Guy Pearce, Edward Norton and even Joseph Gordon Levitt were rumored to have it. Personally, the only person I would NOT want to see in the part is Eddie Murphy.

2. Robin Williams as Professor Hugo Strange- We all know Robin Williams is a good actor as well as a hilarious comedian, but not many people are aware of the fact that he can also play a very good bad guy. When rumors started circling around that Williams would be playing the mad scientist who managed to deduce Batman's identity, again, I was hyped. By the time this rumor was starting to circulate, I had seen Insomnia and knew that Williams could play characters that are smarter and more dangerous than people give him credit. When this rumor was slapped away by Nolan and friends, I was again disappointed. Needless to say, the last four years have been kind of hard for me.

3. Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin- Actually, I heard of PSH being Oswald Cobblepot around the same time as I heard Johnny Depp being Riddler. It may have even been the same article. Again, it belongs to the list of rumors that died out almost as quickly as they had been created.

4. Robin- People really want to see this little turd appear and I am not sure why. Any chance of Robin actually being a good if not kickass character died with any Clooney love I had in Batman and Robin. Why do people want a movie with Robin in it? He has been nothing but annoying throughout the entire franchise's history. The only badass version I have seen of him is in the video game Batman Arkham City, and even that was just a 30 second appearance and an expansion pack. Piss off Robin fans! Same thing goes for Ellen Pager as Bat Girl. You would think that by January of this year, we would have seen a set photo or concept art or something. And yet, so many people keep arguing that Robin or Batgirl are going to show up. I remember one guy making the argument that at the end of The Dark Knight, when Gordon says that 5 people have been killed by Dent, he thought that 2 of them might have been Robin's parents. So Dent kills 3 people then randomly goes and shoots a pair of acrobats?... Makes sense to me, I don't see what your problem is.

5. Batman's death- Being that this movie will be the last that Christopher Nolan will be making for this trilogy, I'm actually not going to rule this one out. Although Bale has said that he's always willing to come back for a fourth movie should someone ask him to don the cape once more.

6. Breaking the Bat- Ever since it was announced that the main villain of this movie would be Bane, debate has been circulating amongst fans as to whether or not Batman's back will be broken as it was in the comics. WARNING TOTAL NERD OUT MOMENT AHEAD: You see, Bane's claim to fame as a villain was that he is the one who managed to best Batman in a one on one match and broke his back. He is also extremely smart and managed to find out who Batman's true identity was and even beat him in the Batcave. In the books following, Batman recovered and came back at Bane with a vengeance and beat him to a bloody pulp. Again, I'm not ruling out the possibility of this happening especially since this movie takes place 8 years after the end of The Dark Knight, so Bruce may not be as in shape as he was in the previous two films. and there is a moment where Bane says to Bruce Wayne "Your punishment must be more severe" and "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die". I think that will be an interesting turn of events should it be included.

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