Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

The first question you are all probably asking yourselves is "What did he think about the other Bourne movies?" And while none of them really rank amongst my favorites of all time, I would definitely say that I really liked all of the other Jason Bourne movies. I would say that the first one is my favorite however, being that the second and third employed a technique that drove me to insanity. The technique that I am talking about is the shaky cam. God, I really freaking hate the shaky cam. It's one thing in a movie like Saving Private Ryan where it is used to give you the feeling of charging up the beaches of Normandy while gunfire and explosions are all around, but when two people are sitting and having a calm conversation, I just felt this urge to yell out "Dude, buy a fucking tripod or something. Set it down on a table if you have to! This shit's getting old!"

So right off the bat, I'm going to say that Legacy movie deserves points for one thing: Hiring a camera man that doesn't have Parkinson's*. Secondly, I would say that this movie is kind of like Wicked in that it showed what else was going on during the events of the third Bourne movie. The story is that Jeremy Renner plays an agent that is also a member of the program that Jason Bourne was apart of before he lost his memory. After the events of the first two Bourne movies and prior to Jason Bourne resurfacing in New York, the powers that be (one of them being played by Edward Norton) decide that the entire program needs to be gone and buried, so they go around killing off all of their agents and their scientists in order to ensure that this doesn't reach the public. The only two survivors of the cleansing are that girl from The Mummy (whose name I am too lazy to look up right now) and Jeremy Renner. And from then on out, it's pretty much just them trying to surviving the agency and a convoluted plot that took me a while to get because I hadn't seen any of the other movies in quite some time. Once I did get a grasp on what was going on, I actually got really roped into what was going on. And thankfully, they had gotten rid of the shaky cam effect so I could actually take in what I was watching. I would give this movie a higher rating, but I'm not the biggest Jason Bourne fan, so I'm just going to say this was a fun action flick.

Final Grade: B

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