Sunday, October 7, 2012

Villain of the Day- Oct 5th

The other popular franchise that has been taking over movie theaters for the past few years is The Avengers. Just about everybody and their mother has seen the movie by now and while they do have a really cool villain that definitely deserves recognition, there is another one that I think deserves to be looked at. And that is... Red Skull. Appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull starts out as a Nazi Officer who is after some ancient power that he believes was placed in the earth by the gods many years ago. And now he plans on using this power to achieve his own objectives, which is of course, world domination. He is a military genius and extremely arrogant, not wasting a single opportunity to flaunt his genius in other people's faces. He is about as old fashioned a villain as you can get, which fits really well, considering that Captain America is an old fashioned super hero. There isn't a whole lot that sets him apart from other super villains except for the fact that he is played by Hugo Weaving and his eyebrows that are set at a permanently evil stance. Being that I've never read any Captain America comic books, or really and comics for that matter, I can't really say that much more about him. So if the movie totally botched what he was like in the comics, well, I could care less, he's played by Hugo Freaking Weaving!

"No matter what lies Ersken told you, you will see I was his greatest success!"

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