Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Vacation

This is without a doubt, an all-time favorite. If the Christmas season goes by and I haven't watched this at least once, the season feels incomplete. It might be because I only watch it around Christmas time, but there are moments in this movie that never, EVER get old. Chevy Chase going down the hill in a rocket sled, the car getting stuck under the log truck, the sewer exploding because the uncle lit the match where Cousin Eddy was dumping the sewage, all of these parts just have me cracking up every time I see them. I'm starting to laugh right now just thinking about them. What I also really like about this movie is how it can capture the heart and the humor that a lot of Christmas movies have. Granted, it was written by John Hughes who was the master of that. And the great thing is that it still holds up because people still relate to it. We all root for Chevy Chase because he wants to make the perfect family Christmas and it would be plausible if it weren't for Murphy's Law following him wherever he goes.  Another thing about this movie that I love is the two snooty neighbors. I think what's great is that we all know somebody like these people (at least to a certain degree). Not necessarily as snooty, but definitely the stuck up kind who scoff at everything other people do.

Probably my favorite scene is the one where we really get a taste of Chevy Chase's true genius. You probably know about the scene where he is talking to the girl in the lingerie department. Who doesn't? What you probably didn't know is that Chevy improvised through that entire scene. Not a single word of what Chevy said was written. That just makes the scene even better. It really makes me wonder how many other scenes were improvised by him.

Final Grade: A+
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