Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Polar Express

This one is kind of Eh in my book. I remember reading the book when I was little, and when I heard they were making a movie out of this, the first thing that came to my mind was “They’re taking a ten page book and turning it into a full movie?” They tried that with the Grinch, and look how that ended up! However this was a little more enjoyable than Grinch. The animation is cool, the multiple characters that Tom Hanks played were all good, and even the visuals were well done.

So why did you think this was just okay?
The main reason was that this felt really forced. Have you ever watched those movies where you could tell they were going for the Oscar? Almost as if they went through the list of Oscar movie must haves? It kind of felt like that with this movie only with Christmas movie must haves. You could tell the director wanted to make this movie a memorable Christmas movie, so he went through the checklist of what you typically find in a Christmas movie and hit them off one by one. Animation? Check! Musical numbers that come right the hell out of nowhere? Check! Message about keeping the Christmas spirit alive? Check!

But for all its faults, it still is an enjoyable movie.
Final Grade: B
Yours truly,

Btw, was that elf band supposed to be a take on Rolling Stones or Aerosmith? I thought it was Aerosmith but I heard somebody say that it was Rolling Stones

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