Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starting tomorrow...

As I mentioned in my review yesterday, I will be starting a new thing in December called "Hero of the Day" Where I feature a different hero from either film or literature, and talk about why they have been so revered in our culture. While I don't want to spoil who WILL be on the list, here is a list of people who WON'T appear:

Edward Cullen/ anybody in Twilight: Why? Because these are the people that we are supposed to relate to, and yet I end up hating everybody
Harry Potter: I don't really hate this character, but oddly enough, of all the things found in these books, the main character was the least interesting thing to me. All of the other characters were fascinating but Harry just fell a little flat in my opinion.
Rocky: No real reason, I just knew a number of Rocky fanboys growing up, and they were all douche bags, so this is my way of sticking it to them. Suck it!
Anakin Skywalker: There is no Anakin! There is only Darth Vader! I refuse to believe that the dark lord of the Sith was a prissy teen!
Anybody played by Nicholas Cage or Kevin Costner: Do I really need to explain?
Ethan Hunt: Two words: Tom Cruise

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