Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Villain of the Day- October 2

Enoch "Nucky" Thompson
It should come as no surprise that I'm including someone from Boardwalk Empire, or really anything with Martin Scorsese's name on it. Whether it's Goodfellas or The Departed, Scorsese has done a really good job of creating characters that are badass and evil in their own way. The most recent addition to his little family is Enoch Thompson, the treasurer and mob boss of Atlantic City. Much like Littlefinger, he really knows how to play to people's weaknesses and put on a show. There is an incident where he plays both sides in a racial conflict involving one of his workers. He is the head bootlegger in the city, but he also makes appearances and speaks at temperance rallies. The only person that really knows his angle and whose side he is really on is the audience. And the even more disturbing thing is that the side he is on is his own. He doesn't care who has rights and who doesn't, as long as it ends with money in his pocket, he's okay. He pushes for women to get the right to vote, only because he knows they will vote for the candidate that will serve his interests the best. He sympathizes with African Americans in a racial conflict and a worker's union, only because one of his main men is an African American who is well liked by the community and has a lot of influence in that area. In the end, he doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but himself.

"The difference between me and him is that I fulfill my promises, and I'm making you one now: I will ruin you, all of you!"

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