Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hero of the Day- James Bond

The name's Bond... James Bond

I'm sorry if people find this list to be a little cliche, but I make no apologies for including some of these people, this guy included. He's suave, he's badass, he's cool, the women want him, men want to be him, he's just an awesome dude. Remember all the things I said about Indiana Jones because he was fathered by Sean Connery? Well, this guy is Sean Connery, or at least was for a while. So whatever I said about Indiana Jones, applies to this guy... tenfold. I think it should be pointed out that even though this is a british agent, he has been portrayed by six actors and only two of them have actually been British. Sean Connery is Scottish, Pierce Brosnan is Irish, George Lazenbi is Australian, and Timothy Dalton is Welsh. Only Roger Moore and Daniel Craig are actually British. No matter what way he is portrayed, each person that has played him has done it a different way and they have all been great (accept Lazenbi and Moore, they're terrible). And of course, no James Bond movie is complete without an arsenal of gadgets. Some of them are cool, others are okay, and some are just plain silly. Do I have to bring up the invisible car from Die Another Day? My God was that lame. Of course they toned it down a bit in the most recent ones, but since I read that they have cast someone to play Q, we may get to see some more cool gadgets soon. Let's just hope there will be an absence of invisible cars or glass-shattering rings. Lamo.

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