Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hero of the Day- Maximus

What we do in life echoes in eternity
I don't know why, but I felt sort of obligated to put Russell Crowe on this list. Could be because we share the same birthday or because he is just an all around badass. Anyway, when I think about it, the movie Gladiator did not have anything all that special or unique to it. It was basically just your basic revenge plot. Not to say that the movie is bad or anything, but it's just a plot line we've seen before. With that said, the character of Maximus is one that we really can get behind. We see him as a great military leader, he's charismatic, his men's spirits get lifted just by him walking by, we see him talk about wanting to be home with his wife and son. And on top of that, he was just super badass. He killed three guys in the span of about thirty seconds and then proceeded to kill another guy later on even though he had already been cheap-shotted and was on death's door. Not to mention that like William Wallace, he had a lot of great quotes to go along with him. There is the quote above, but there is also that classic "I will have my vengeance" speech amongst many others. Even though he was your basic revenge protagonist, Maximus was just a really cool character. He's a little different than some of the other heroes featured on this list because most of the people here have all started as average joe's whereas Maximus already was that great strong military leader that we all wanted to be. Other characters we might have seen them work their way up, where as with Maximus we saw him go backwards. Kind of a nice change of pace to be honest with you. So yeah, while I said that Gladiator was your basic revenge story, there are a few things that make it stand out, this arch being one of them.

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