Friday, December 16, 2011

Hero of the Day- Ripley

Get away from her you bitch!

This weekend, we are paying tribute to some of the most kickass ladies to blow up the screen. The first entree is one of the first leading ladies to ever single handedly kick an acid-bleeding alien's ass. Ripley from the Alien movies, mostly from Alien and Aliens. The reason why I'm not including the third or fourth Alien movies is because I haven't seen either of them, and I heard they blew chunks anyway. But I digress. Ripley was kickass in the first movie, being able to use her wit and brains to outsmart the creature and then in the second one tote big ass guns while carrying a small child. Is it weird that I find Sigourney Weaver kind of hot because of this? Considering that the first movies I saw with her were Holes and Galaxy Quest, years after she was doing this. The odd thing is that the picture I chose to represent her, most of the time, that would be a dude in the picture rather than a woman. Again... HOT

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