Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hero of the Day- Robin Hood

Rise, and rise again until lambs become lions
When I talk about Robin Hood, I'm not talking about any specific adaptation, but rather in general. Throughout history, Robin Hood has been one of those icons who has had a rather large impact on people. We admire the cause that he stood for, and just about every movie that he is in, for some reason, the actual character of Robin Hood has this swagger about him. He's almost like a heroic prince or a male lead from a Disney film. In fact, in the Disney film, he had the same sort of swagger that he did in the Errol Flynn version, the Kevin Costner version and in even the parody with Cary Elwes Men in Tights. The only film that didn't have him with that sort of swagger was the Ridley Scott version with Russell Crowe. But that was because they were going for a darker and more intense version of the story. And to be fair, it worked in some areas well and not as much in others. However the Russell Crowe one had the only memorable quote from a Robin Hood film, and that was the one that I used.

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