Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hero of the Day- Superman

"I think Superman's journey is to become comfortable on Earth. Of course he's got his role as Earth's greatest protector but he also wants to be as happy as he can, and if that happens to be with Lois, then he's going to find a way"- Richard Donner, director of the first Superman movie

Let's talk about superheroes. Over the past century, superheroes have become a huge part of our culture, there is even a theory going around that some superheroes like Superman or Spiderman are to us, what Hercules and Archilles were to the Greeks, and that actually makes a lot of sense. They are all humans with extraordinary abilities that use them to achieve extraordinary things. And one of the first superheroes ever conceived in the human mind was none other than the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Even if you aren't a fan of his or the comics (which I will admit I never was), you have to admit that there is something iconic about his story and his picture. Much like Luke Skywalker, you don't need to be a fan or even be familiar with the comics to recognize the image of the man in a red cape, that is how much of a part of our culture he has become. Another thing that was great about Superman is that the animated series that was based off of him in the 90's actually gave him a lot of respect and wasn't corny like a lot of super hero shows at the time. Between that and Batman: The Animated Series, DC showed that while they may not have as many cool characters as Marvel, they at least showed that they could take themselves seriously and also make an enjoyable show. The only area where I think he suffers as a character is the fact that he isn't very relatable. He has emotions and went through a lot of the same stuff that we went through growing up, but he suffers from the fact that nothing can hurt him, which means that it's hard to feel nervous for him when he gets in a fight. That would probably explain why, despite his iconic image, he has lost some popularity over the years. And for me personally, the red underwear on the outside kind of killed it for me. At least Batman's movies found a way of eliminating that. No matter, Superman has become and will always remain an important part of modern culture, standing for truth, justice and the american way.

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