Friday, December 23, 2011

Hero of the Day- Wolverine

Bub, you're a mess
I guess you could say that I chose Wolverine to be the representative for all of the X-Men. They are all awesome and relatable (kinda, I know at least I can't control the weather or give people AIDs just by touching them), but Wolverine is by far the most badass. I guess it helps that he can heal and therefore never really die, but he also just has the coolest atitude. He actually calls his enemies 'Bub' right after he kicks their ass. He is just an all around badass dude and is one of my favorite characters from X-Men. So what are your favorite characters from X-Men? They don't necessarily have to be X-Men, they could just be mutants from the series. My personal favorites are Wolverine, Magneto, Sebastian Shaw*, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey

*Played by Kevin Bacon

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